With over 300 transactions, I’ve found that eBay is a solid home for some of my merchandise. Being as I tend to handle interesting collectibles ….  eBay has been an awesome platform on which to learn, grow & meet others who are more informed than myself.  I got the eBay bug from my father.  He was an old-school collector who drug me from yard sale to estate sale as a kid.  I was generally half asleep and uninterested in the morning and by the time we had taken the second truck load home, I’d be on fire!  So I thank my Dad, Hall of Fame Songwriter, Notorious funny-man, Glenn Sutton, for giving me all this weird knowledge in cowboy and country music memorabilia and for giving me the hunger for the hunt.  I hope he’s hanging around my booth and laughing that I’m now filling my spare moments with all the fun he used to have.  I miss him.  Collecting & selling all this stuff is certainly my way of being close to him still.