For some reason, I keep seeing things that remind me of Hawaii!  Maybe I should go.  I’ve never been.

I’m hoping someone will want to sofa surf on this cool sectional I’ve come across from Operation Stand Down!  I think all of this should be re-covered with outdoor cushions and quick drying fabric!  The individual pieces tickle me more than the set as a whole.  They are mod, square loungers that I can see with a martini and an olive, a towel and a good read… bathing suit optional …

Recovered for such a lush use could cost some bucks and I wouldn’t want to leave the bamboo frames out in the rain or the elements of winter.  It’s a great thing they are light.  I can literally carry one around on one arm.  Yet they are really STRONG .. as my Dad would say.  You could fall upon them with no problem.  If it were summer, I’d probably be trying to keep these for myself.  But I need to make the money for Operation Stand Down.

I hope these go to a groovy home!  I’m asking $900.00, which I feel is a steal for such a multi-functional set of furniture.