…and this little gem is like the Little Tractor That Could…

My friend, Sammy, brought it to me one day because he sees the items coming through our place for sale or refurb and thought I’d think it was neat.  Apparently he’d had it forever and it was just time to part with some of his old “toys.”

Eric & I both really liked it!  Eric has an antique Farmall tractor that he still mows the pasture with.  About a week later a gentleman came over to pick up a dog kennel to house some rescues and flipped out over the little tractor!

Out of everything pouring out of our garage, it was that little red tractor he couldn’t stop talking about.  He had one as a kid and really wanted to work on it and fix it up.  Thought it would be a good project for him and his son.  Needless to say, my heart was warmed that one man’s toy was going to become another man’s toy.  That tractor is going on it’s 3rd or 4th life now!