I’m recently (and unfortunately) raiding my Mom’s closet. My Mother’s closet was Fairytale Land when I was a little girl and I bet my sister agrees! Sequins, Rhinestones, Hair Pieces, Platform Shoes ….  For those who don’t know, my mother is LYNN ANDERSON, the Grammy Award Winning Country Music singer who recently passed away. As a child I dreamed and danced in Mom’s glitz and glamour. Today, as I go through her closets, every outfit reminds me of an event or a song or a city.

The good news is, it doesn’t make me sad.  It makes me proud!  Mom had a real passion about her clothing and that’s part of being a celebrity.  I’m finding myself enjoying matching up a photo of her in an outfit or a piece of jewelry I know she loved.  In the early 70s, Mom was iconic for her looks as well as her voice ….  so I’m reconstructing decades of wardrobe because I think it tells a story of a true Country Music star who’s physical image was continually evolving along with her music.