I’ve been dabbling with buying, selling and collecting for several years.  Last year was the first year I considered it a side job or semi-profession.  I’ve even taken on consignment clients and rented out booth space at a local decorating & antique mall.  I think I’ve finally figured out how to move forward successfully in this HOBBY which I some times laugh and call a bad HABIT!  I was raised in Nashville, Country Music & Quarter Horses and this seems to be my area of interest.  I have a knack for running across cool memorabilia and vintage cowboy stuff!  So I’ve honed my “look” and what I carry and I’m really excited about 2014.  I hope you’ll visit my eBay store, my booth in Nashville and my Facebook page to keep up with my progress.  And THANKS for visiting this page as it’s where I keep my more personal stories and try to share why I really love doing this.