Recently, I had the unique opportunity to sell an extremely high tech Permobil
wheelchair for Operation Stand Down.

Operation Stand Down is in Nashville, and they provide many valuable services for veterans.  They also run the 12th Avenue Thrift Store to liquidate donations they receive.  They’ve been great folks to get to know.  I try to help them raise extra money each month by selling items for them online that are hard to ship or a little past your basic thrift store merchandise. 

I’m really proud to work with OSD and help those who have served our country.  The kicker with the Permobil was that I also got to help a family that was in need of a specific, high tech, wheelchair for their son.  I was able to make a little money for the veterans and save a little money for a family.  It was a heart warming experience!

I also learned that Permobil chairs are manufactured right here in Lebanon, Tennessee!  They have an AWESOME facility and I got to take a tour of the machine lines, which was a hoot because I’m sort of a geek like that.  Anyway, this transaction really started my year off right and the family sent me pictures of their son in the chair…..

“Mason started taking the chair to school. A little shaky in the beginning, but he’s got the hang of it now. It has made such a huge difference for him. He is really maturing with this new found independence. And it has lightened my load just a bit as well.

Thank you so much for your assistance.  It has meant more than you’ll ever know.”