The Lynn Anderson Estate Sale ~ June 17th, 2018

Since Lynn Anderson's passing in 2015, we have been compiling collections of her stage wardrobe and her Western gear for various displays in her honor around the country. Our first exhibit is currently being held at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee, until June 24, 2018. It's a very appropriate honor for our Rose Garden Queen and they have shared a cross section of her fabulous dresses, like the one from her "Rose Garden" album cover. They have also shared her Cowgirl side with several early Nudie's Western outfits and a full size Quarter Horse with a silver encrusted Parade Saddle. Treasures like these will be in the museum's ward in perpetuity, but there was so much that Lynn enjoyed and collected than just the museum pieces.

By June, we hope to have much of Lynn's collection sectioned off. There are many personal keepsakes that the family will enjoy. And the 100s of museum quality pieces will be archived and protected for future exhibits. So it will be the time to share the rest of Lynn's "stuff" with her fans and friends. There will be lots of 'every day items' and clothing to share. THIS WILL BE A ONE TIME EVENT IN NASHVILLE!  More details to come on location and time.  

Come prepared to share in the love of Lynn's life and the fabulous treasures she has left behind! Looking forward to seeing you in June. 

Personal inquiries regarding the sale,, and follow the Facebook Page.