Next shipment of Lynn Anderson Roses expected Spring 2020

I've had some learning curves in becoming a young rose enthusiast!  


A big thing I've learned is that roses are alive and there are many considerations to adjust and hone your personal style of rose care. Arm yourself with knowledge and the rest comes with experience, I hope! This adventure of starting roses from scratch has made me respect the attention to detail it takes to mass produce roses and make them available across America.


...and I've belly ached a few times over the last two years when I've received daunting news about the shrubs and their progress. But I guess something so beautiful is bound to be high maintenance  :) And this is planet Earth and things happen differently each year so you just have to be hopeful for a plentiful garden and keep going.

Some of the things I've encountered are 'herbicidal drift' which happens among huge growing farms just as easy as it can happen from your neighbor down the street. Someone using a stronger dose of an herbicide that is not rose friendly, plus a breeze on a dry day, and there goes your season. I've also learned roses strongly rely on particular sprays and some people do not appreciate roses bushes due to their chemical addiction. There are so many diseases and bugs that cause incurable damage to roses, like Rose Rosette, which can spread like wildfire over great distances. It's no wonder there are federal regulations for folks traveling across borders with plants and animals.


So .....  The bad news is I will not be selling or shipping roses this year for a variety of reasons. 


I hope to yield enough from this first crop to create the Woodlawn Memorial Rose Garden in Nashville. I will be dedicated to this first planting and will have learned about growing roses first hand. The shrubs are grown in California, then shipped to Tennessee, and then I was to hand pack and fulfill orders to each of you. Not having to purchase the boxes and the polymer crystals and then learn to prune and repack and ship is actually saving me some valuable time where I can be focusing on the dedicated gardens this year. I have been wondering about a local nursery partner or even an online partner for 2020. 

It's been my dream since Mom passed to share her roses in gardens across America. I was with her in Disney’s Epcot Center when we found a Lynn Anderson Rose Bush & plaque and it was so exciting! I walk to the Nashville Music Garden downtown every time I am at the Country Music Hall of Fame just to point out the Lynn Anderson Rose Bush.  On this journey, I've met several people who still have an original shrub in their garden from 20 years ago?! I feel the roses are a unique opportunity to honor Mom and it's also a tribute to a great song! People will remember the phrases, "I Beg Your Pardon" and "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" for generations to come and it's fun Mom helped create that. So I will continue working on my goals to have Lynn Anderson Roses available and planted across the states and I'll keep you posted.

There's a silver lining ... 

2020 is the 50th Anniversary of “Rose Garden” becoming a MEGA-hit!  What better year to be planning for great things, including more Lynn Anderson Roses!