Please read our shipping notes below:

We have categories for our shipping rates to make it easy. $3 CDs, $7 very small collectibles, $10 small collectibles & jewelry, $10 general stuff, $15 shirts, apparel, $25 medium sized collectibles, $30 starting to get into potentially heavy or bulky items, and so on. Our shipping fees are an Estimate of what we feel it takes to successfully and safely ship your item to you. We pack our items in bubble wrap, popcorn and tissue paper and wrap them tightly in firm boxes. We guarantee our items and if they are damaged in shipping, a complete refund will be issued. Our ship & pack services are top notch and we expect you to pay our estimated shipping fees which include our time and materials to ensure your item is delivered to you safely. We ship primarily US Post Office with delivery confirmation.

Please send your zip code and the item you are interested in and we can let you know what the shipping will be.  All shipping prices on our website are ESTIMATES and you will be expected to cover any additional shipping costs.

We've chosen these weights to correspond with shipping prices, though they are really note related. Just a way we can input a guesstimated shipping into our system.

1LB $3.00  2LB $5.00  3LB $7.00  4LB $10.00  5LB $15.00  6LB $20  7LB $25.00  8LB $30.00  9LB $50.00 

We also offer local pickup on select items.

Lynn Anderson Rose Shipping Methods

The Lynn Anderson Roses are shipping FPO Nashville and will be available for shipping & planting SPRING 2018, as a 1 time, limited edition run for friends, fans and rose collectors. They will ship according to your planting zone starting the first week of March. They come in containers from the grower in California and then I, with the help of friends, will split the shipments and distribute to you, the customer, when I'm told the best time for you to receive them is. 

Please know that you are helping me to spread a little bit of Lynn Anderson to all corners of America and I appreciate your patience and help with our rose project. Any additional money I make will go toward her nomination for a Star on the Walk of Fame in Nashville. 

Side Street Sutton Shipping Methods

For all other items, our shipping price for standard delivery should be listed with the item and will be required before shipping. More shipping information to come once we connect out PayPal account.