The Lynn Anderson Rose

When rose breeder/hybridizer Joseph Winchel approached Lynn about creating a rose in her honor, Lynn was flattered. It made perfect sense that she have a rose named after her due to her signature, world famous song, "Rose Garden." 

Lynn's Rose was personally picked by Lynn from a series of slides they presented as options. Lynn was immediately struck by a cream rose with raspberry tips. The Chief Hybridizer at Weeks Roses was amused at this choice as he described the leaf structure as having a habit of growing huge leaves on long stems creating a "formal gown for this country lady."

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Since Lynn's passing in 2015, we've worked with Weeks Roses to re-grow a limited run of the Lynn Anderson Hybrid Tea Rose. It takes time to grow a species of rose that has been out of circulation so we are thrilled to share this journey with those who care.

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